About Us

Gadenas was born as a revelation of the future of fashion in jewellery. Its founders have vast experience in the manipulation of smart materials in the technology sector, They saw the need to supply the artistic, creative, and luxurious world with innovative works of art. These are glamorous jewels of excellent quality which show off in different outfits. They are always at the forefront of fashion while meeting the current demands of sustainability.

Thus, the first collections of environmentally friendly jewelry were born. The usage of technology and traceability in production processes result in a perfect balance between style and quality, thus transcending today's fashion.

At Gadenas we make more than jewelry; we create innovative and technological jewelry. Its beauty resides in what's real; in discovery; in movement. For this reason, our designs are based on enthusiasm, illusion; on life ... and celebrating it.

Our raw material & production

The world of jewellery needs to adapt to new customs and ways of daily life. Thus, Gadenas involves the concept of "jewels of the future," incorporating smart, technological, and environmentally friendly materials into its collections.

The originality in the raw material and the inspiration of our working methods are central during the creation of our collections. They allow trend and exclusivity to be combined in each of the jewels, adapting to different tastes and styles and offering a precious jewel of great versatility.

In our store, you will find our original and exclusive pieces. Each piece is worked on individually paying attention to details, and quality to achieve an innovative jewel that seduces us with its dedication and exclusivity.


Gadenas is a unique jewelry brand

A new concept of jewellery is born.

Pieces that innovate with smart materials and exclusive and versatile designs represent today's women's authenticity and evolution.

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